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Discerning My Path

Discernment PathsWhenever I have a new idea or plan of action, I like to seek out those close to me for advice and opinions.  I do this for several reasons.

First, because it forces me to put what I plan to do into words.  As I do that it forces me to think through the situation more clearly which helps me have a better understanding about what it will look like as I walk through this plan.  Secondly, I seek others because they can sometimes assist me in working out all the details. Details I had not thought of before.

Over the past few years, as I’ve worked on my book, I have often gone to others for advice.  And I have often found myself in a pickle!  You see, as much as I enjoy hearing others thoughts and ideas as to what I should and should not do, it can cause confusion.  Yes, yes, I know, I am easily confused.  😛

I value the opinions of those I love and trust so I find myself in a pickle because the opinions of those I go to for help don’t always match.  A few people will tell me I should look into one thing when a few others will tell me to stay away from that and do something completely different.  Then I’m stuck!  What to do, what to do?  I don’t want to hurt the feelings of those I went to for help, but at the same time I like the idea of the others as well.

“First seek the counsel of the Lord.” ~ 1 Kings 22:5

Thankfully I have learned that its great to get assistance from others, but its God who I need to go to for the final answers.  Hopefully, when I come up with a new idea or plan it’s because God has given me the desire in the first place.  Even then, I don’t believe God gives us a desire and says ‘there ya go, have fun making it happen!’  No, God gives us a desire and has the plan and knows the timing in which it is to be carried out.

God will purposely puts people in our path to help us carry out the plan He gave us, but ultimately we need to go to Him for guidance and assurance.  The more we do this the more clearly we will be able to discern the correct path for us as we go forward in our journey through life.

The definition of discern in the dictionary is to sense, see or recognize.  

Earlier this year I continuously heard people ask for prayers of discernment.  I honestly didn’t understand what they were asking for.  I figured since they were asking for it, they must have known they needed it.  Then recently, when finding myself confused by all the advice, I realized I too needed discernment. (Well that’s not entirely true.  A friend suggested I pray for discernment.) I needed to sense, see and recognize God in all aspects of my life.  So how was I supposed to do this?  I felt I needed to get back to talking to God about my confusion.  I needed to talk it out with Him.  Then I needed to listen and watch for His answer and guidance.

I don’t know how God does things with you, but with me He only reveals one step at a time.  He knows I am easily distracted and confused if I look to far ahead.  But what do I usually do?  I usually take matters into my own hands and try to peek down the road so I can try and figure things out before I get there.  I try and give myself a ‘heads up’.  It never works, so I don’t advise it.  What I do advise is looking to God and trusting He will give you all the ‘heads up’ you could possibly need.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, you are so awesome! You are always caring for us and loving us.  The patience you have with us is incredibly amazing! Thank you. I pray we seek you in our daily lives so we may sense, see and recognize the wonders of You all around us, Amen. 

The Path by Karen Mayes

Let It Go

letting go handLately, I continue to find myself getting caught up in the decisions of others.  Decisions, I feel, they are making poorly.  It’s difficult to see someone, especially someone you love, make bad choices.  Choices you know will have bad results. How do I know they will turn out bad? Because they’ve made the same choices in the past and I have seen the outcome.  I know the results will not change, because the circumstances have not changed.  Results that are painful. Painful to not only themselves, but to those around them as well.

Naturally, when I see someone falling, making a bad decision, I want to step in and offer help or advice.  I want to tell them what they should or should not be doing.  Even though I know they will not take my advice.  Even though doing so might upset them and sometimes cause them to react in an unkind way.

Why would someone react unkindly?  Wouldn’t you? How do you feel when someone tells you how you should be doing something when you didn’t ask for help or advice?  I’m guessing irritated or upset.  I know I usually am.  Especially when you don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing.

A few years ago I was told you shouldn’t give help or advice unless it’s asked for.  But what if you know the person is doing something in error or about to make a bad decision, what do you do then?  It’s ok to offer the help or advice, but it’s their choice to take you up on the offer.  If they choose not to take your help then you must drop it.

It hurts when the person you’re trying to help can’t see how much you care for them.  How much it hurts you to see them in pain. They fail to see your desire to help them avoid the pain you see staring them in the face.

Your help has been rejected and now you’re filled with pain and worry.  What do you do with that?  I was in such a predicament recently and a dear sweet friend said “Let it go”.  Those three simple words caused the light bulb to go off.  How was I supposed to let it go?  Simple.  Give it to God.

Why should I give it to God?  I don’t believe God wishes for me to be in anguish over another, to worry unnecessarily about something I have no control over or to force my opinion upon others.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

Many people throughout our lives will do things we cannot, and will not, understand.  Instead of trying to understand why someone is doing something we don’t agree with, we can leave it in God’s hands. We can pray they see what God desires for them to do. We can pray they seek God’s will for their life.  We can pray God opens their heart to accept help and advice from those He puts in their path.  Then we trust that God is working in their life. We believe that if there is anything God desires us to do for them, He will equip us to do so.  He will make our paths straight. Hallelujah! That’s amazing right?!Let it go purple sky

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for always being there with your arms stretched out waiting for us to reach out to you.  I pray, Lord, we seek your guidance first when the desire to help consumes us, so we may then rest in knowing you were in it and your ways are best. 

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