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Sales Clerks

22 shopping bagsHave you been out shopping lately? Of course you have, it’s Christmas time! It’s crazy out there! Last weekend, I made the mistake of going to a mall on a Sunday afternoon. All I had to do was return something. I thought it would be a quick in and out. Wow, was I wrong!

First, we circled the parking lot, for what felt like forever. When I was about to give up and head home, someone pulled out in front of me. Of course I was on the far side of the mall, needing to walk, what felt like miles, to enter. The store we had a return in was on the other side of the mall, so we had to slowly squeeze our way through the crowds of people. I think Disneyland would have been less busy.

We finally made it into the store and immediately got in line. There were two lines leading to four cashiers. I watched as each customer made it to the cashier and the interaction they had with them. It seemed that no matter what the customer’s demands, they always had a smile on their face and bent over backwards to meet their demands. Yes, I do realize this is the way a cashier should be, but the attitude and expectations of some of the customers was a little much.

22 Luke 6-35

I’m thankful for the sales clerks who remain helpful and friendly, regardless of what crazy things I might need. I hope these sales clerks know they help make my holiday merry and bright. The kindness they show me fills me with the desire to help another.

22 Proverbs 3-3

Doesn’t it make you feel good when a cashier tells you to have a nice day? It always brings a smile to my face. Unfortunately, I don’t always respond to their kindness the way I should, which is “thanks, I hope you have a nice day too!” My mind gets stuck on the next errand or thing I need to do and I miss out on the opportunity to bring a smile to their face. How do you respond when a sales clerk says something nice to you? If they don’t tell you to have a nice day, do you tell them to?

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the kindness you offer us through your Son, Jesus. I pray we would, under all circumstances, offer kindness to those we encounter throughout our days, Amen.

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