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The Church

8 church peopleI used to look forward to the weekend because it meant time to catch up on sleep and be lazy. Now I look forward to the weekend because I get to hang out with my church family Sunday morning. I find myself making excuses to be there for both services. I do enjoy sleeping in, but if I only go to the second service, I’ll miss seeing half of my church family. I don’t want to miss seeing anyone! I love my church family!

I’m thankful for my church family because….

  • they love me for who I am
  • they comfort me when I’m feeling down
  • they inspire me when I’m feeling defeated
  • they pray for me, even when I don’t ask
  • they praise God along side me
  • they worship God with me, even though I sing off key
  • they thank God for the gifts He has given me
  • they encourage & support me & my family during our trials
  • they help me be accountable to God
  • they point me to God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit
  • they allow me to pray for them
  • they offer guidance through God’s Word

Sunday mornings are the best! First I have the privilege of talking to a few to find out how their week went and maybe share what’s going on in my corner of the world. Then when the service starts, I get to praise and worship God together with everyone as one body, which is my favorite part of the morning. Especially when they sing one of my many favorite worship songs. What’s one of your favorite songs to sing in church?

8 1Cor 12-12

During the sermon I feel like a little kid having a story read to me. It’s awesome! The best part about the sermon lately is we have a different person preaching each week. I know some people don’t like that, they need consistency, but I love hearing different peoples perspectives. Each person has different stories to share about how God is speaking to them through His Word. To me, a great sermon is hearing God’s Word as well as something from the heart of the speaker. What do you enjoy about the sermon?

I’m thankful God uses the church, to bring different people together. People who, outside of the church, would never cross paths. He brings people of all ages, talents, stages in life and areas of the world together to be unified in Him, with one purpose, to love & worship Him.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for creating a place where we can come together to worship & praise You. I pray we would hear You during the sermon, regardless of who is speaking, Amen.

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