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14 Music notesAs I mentioned in an earlier post, the worship part of Sunday service is my favorite. Why you ask? Because music makes me smile. Music can make me cry and get depressed too (yes, I’m a very emotional person if you haven’t figured that out yet). I prefer to listen to fun inspiring music because I would rather smile than cry. I love to dance. I can’t dance, but I love how music can make you want to get up and move. I love to sing along to the songs, but I can’t sing either. That’s why my favorite place to sit at church is up front on the side near a big speaker.

14 Psalm 98-4

I’m thankful for the ways music warms my heart and gets me moving. I’m thankful for those who God has gifted with the ability to sing. I often wish I could sing, but know that if I could, I would never want to stop.

I’m thankful for those who desire to share their hearts with the world through music. Those who spend hours upon hours learning how to sing, write a song or play a musical instrument. What’s your favorite kind of music? What song touches your heart? What song makes you want to jump and dance?

This song from Jamie Grace makes me smile and giggle and helps me laugh at myself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the creation of music and those You have placed this blessing upon. I pray we would be open to the ways music touches our heart and moves us physically, emotionally and spiritually, Amen.


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