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Daily Reminder

leaning treeEvery day, when I took my daughter to and from school, I drove down a street that cauesed many scary scenarios to run through my head. It’s a nice stretch of road with country homes on one side and a golf course on the other. The lanes are wide, with a nice open middle turning lane between the two-way traffic.

You might be wondering, how such a simple road could cause so much stress and fear to run through my mind as I drove down it each and every day. Along the side of the road with the golf course, the side I would drive down, three large trees stood leaning over the entire side of the street.

For years I drove up and down this street with no concern. Then, I heard of a tree, off the side of a freeway, not far from us, that fell on a windy day, onto the freeway, crushing a car. I was traumatized by the thought of a life being taken like this. One moment your headed somewhere, with something to do and someone to meet, and the next, your life is gone. No warning what so ever!

Shortly after hearing of this horrifying event, I became aware of the large trees and how far they were leaning over the street. I found myself driving on the far left side when on this particular stretch of road. Often, I found myself getting so upset over the possibility of being crushed by one of the trees, I would become flush and my eyes would tear up.

During the summer, I feared the ground would become dry and cracked, unable to hold up the trees. In the spring and fall, I worried the winds would force one of them over. The stormy days in the winter were the most terrifying. It’s hard to see on dark stormy days, so it could fall, with no warning to try and get out of the way.

Several months ago, at church, we were making a video which I quoted Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

After running Joshua 1:9 in my head for a few weeks, I decided I was no longer going to let this stretch of road bring me to tears. I was not going to let it terrify me any longer!

The next time I found myself on that stretch of road, I began praying. I thanked God for the beautiful drive and the car I was able to make it in. I thanked Him for the beautiful trees that lined, and leaned over the road. I told God I believed He loved my family and me and knew what was best for us. I told Him I trusted Him with my life. I then began to explain to God my fear of being crushed by the trees and asked Him to protect me from them. I told Him I would prefer not to be crushed by one of the trees, and hoped that no one else would be hurt by one of them, but if it were His will, then so be it. I asked God to remove the trees, but if that wasn’t His will, then please remove my fear of the trees and help me see them as a beautiful creation of His.

Weeks went by, when I realized, I had driven down this street, passing these trees, without giving it a single thought.

A month or two later, while driving my regular route in the morning, I noticed trucks pulled up on the curb near the trees with orange cones around them. I was curious what they were doing, but didn’t think much about it. Later that day, while driving back around in the afternoon, I could see the trucks were still there, but the large leaning trees were not. One small tree that leaned toward the street, by not over it, remained.

psalm 55-22

Now, as I drive down this street, I am reminded of God’s goodness and His faithfulness. God cares deeply for us, and the little things matters to Him as much as they matter to us.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank You for the ways You care for us. I pray we would seek You, thank You and praise You more often throughout each day, Amen.

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