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19 restaurantToday, Amy and I had the pleasure of visiting with Ashley and her boyfriend Scott during lunch. Going out to eat is an extra special treat because I don’t have to cook the meal (like usual) or clean up after it.

I’m embarrassed to say, I found myself getting irritated while at the restaurant. We had to wait to be seated, even though there were many tables and booths available. Then, they took too long to take our order after we asked for a few extra minutes to look over the menu. I even decided it was taking them way to long to fix the meal, as if I have any idea how long it would take to prepare any meal.

I’m ashamed to have let myself be so critical. I should have been focusing on the company I was with, not on judging those serving me. I have no right to judge them. Even though I was their customer, I’m not the center of their world. I don’t know the circumstances of the server’s life, or what may be going on in the kitchen or with other customers.

As I grew up, my parents owned a few restaurants. I never worked in any of them, but I do know it’s hard work and the pay isn’t all that great either. I’m thankful for those who give their all and do their best, even when dealing with annoying, over demanding people. I’m thankful for those who keep a smile on their face and let the ignorant comments slide off their back as they bend over backwards to satisfy the unsatisfiable customers. I’m thankful for having the choice where to go out to eat and the funds to do so. I’m thankful for those who prepare the food, serve the food and then clean up after it.

19 John6-35

I find myself continuously surrounded by food. We seem to have become a society that has the need to feel full. When we start to feel hungry, we over exaggerate by saying “I’m starving!” If we focus on the one thing that can truly fill us, Jesus, we won’t feel the need to constantly gorge on other things, for He is the bread of life.

19 revelation 3-20

Are you feeling empty?  Can you hear Jesus knocking?Have you opened the door to your heart and invited Jesus into your life? He desires to come into your life and fill you with His love, grace and mercy. Let Jesus, the only One who knows how to fill you, feed you.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the many ways Your Son, Jesus, fulfills our needs. I pray we seek to be filled eternally by Jesus, not temporarily by the world, Amen.

My Husband

Hus utensilsWhen I was growing up, my mom always tried to get me in the kitchen to teach me how to cook. I had no interest in learning and didn’t believe I would need to know how. I always had the same response when my mom tried to convince me how important it was to know how to cook, which was “mom, someday I’m going to be rich and have my own chef.”

I have to say, I am blessed with some earthly riches and have heavenly riches waiting for me in heaven, but I don’t think it’s enough to be considered ‘rich’ in the eyes of the world. I can, however, say I do have a chef. His name is Robert and he’s my husband. He’s not a chef by trade. He’s a retired Law Enforcement Officer who now volunteers as a Law Enforcement Chaplain.

When it comes to food I must admit, I am as lazy as it gets. I can cook, not well, but I can. I’ll cook when needed for the kids. Things like hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, tacos or grilled cheese. I can do chicken or pork chops on the Foreman grill, but when it comes to making myself something, forget it! I’ll grab a banana or yogurt before I’ll make eggs and toast. Pathetic I know!

Don’t worry, my kids eat just fine. How is that possible you ask? Simple, my husband enjoys cooking. He says it soothes him and makes him happy to know he’s made something we enjoy eating. We have a deal at our house, he cooks it and I clean up after it. He even does most of the grocery shopping. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

husband 1Cor7-3

My husband spoils me! He’ll make anything I want to eat, almost anytime I want it. He’ll even go to the store to buy it if we don’t have it. One minute I mention ‘enchiladas sound good’, the next thing I know, that’s what’s for dinner.

I’m thankful for the husband God chose to bless me with. I never have to think about food, it simply appears. Each week, before heading to the store, my husband asks each of us what we would like for dinner. He also asks the kids what kind of snacks or lunch items they would like, so they don’t get bored eating the same thing week after week. I’m thankful for the special ways my husband cares for the kids and I. How does your spouse, or friend, perfectly care for you?

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the ways you have gifted my husband, I pray for opportunities and ways to express my appreciation to him, Amen.



Biblical Approach To Health

Christine AndrewI had the pleasure of meeting Christine Andrews 10 years ago at Callison Elementary School.  She was a third grade teacher and I was a parent.  I volunteered to help hand out snacks to the students each morning prior to taking their end of year state tests.  Christine helped me understand which snacks best provided the energy children needed to fuel their minds, not their bodies.  I was excited to hear she put her passion with health and scripture together in a book to help us understand the importance of taking care of our bodies.  I asked her to share how this all came about, as well as give us insight into her book.

My desire to write about health

For 25 years as an elementary school teacher I taught hundreds of 7-9 year olds how to write.  I never thought of myself as a writer and as a young student I struggled with writing.   I loved to bring out the best in students in their writing, and loved the whole process of transforming a draft into publication.  After my retirement and subsequent new profession in the holistic health care field, I get asked lots of questions.  The internet is an easy avenue for discovering new information, but it can be deceptive and the majority of people have a difficult time deciphering truth from myth through the myriad of web information.  Writing about health affords an avenue in which to answer common and unique questions backed by scientific and clinical sources while bringing the truth about health.    Writing broadens peoples’ knowledge about the importance of eating the right foods and how this can affect their health.

How did God Guide Me?

About four years into my health and nutrition practice I felt a calling to write my first book.  If began after a meeting with my nutrition mentor and some notes that he had written up for Christians and their health.  After studying these notes and through much prayer and encouragement from my nutrition mentor, I began to dig deeper into scripture and scientific articles to find out what the Bible had to say about health, disease, emotions, and natural remedies of that time.  God, the master nutritionist of all time and the creator of nature defined very clearly what  to eat and drink. The Bible has always been our source of information for everything we need including fundamental principles for how to approach health.  The more I delved into this topical study, the more excited I became to share this wealth of knowledge with others.  After reading a quote from John MacArthur, although timid and nervous, I knew God was revealing to me to pursue penning my first book.   “An uncompromising life is characterized by an unashamed boldness that calls us to an uncommon standard.  Allow God to do with your life as He pleases, that He might broaden your influence and glorify Himself.”

Synopsis of my bookFood Isn't What It Used To Be

Food Isn’t What It Used to Be: A Biblical Approach to Health by Christine Andrew.  From four thousand years ago and earlier to current times, food has taken a dramatic transformation.  The consequences of this change are taking a drastic toll on our health.  The reader will learn what God’s word reveals about food, beverages, our health, and what responsibility we have in caring for the bodies with which He has entrusted us.   Compounding the effects of poor food quality with the magnitude of onslaughts from toxins, is there any hope?  This book will indulge the reader with guidelines for healthy food and beverage selections, as well as remedies aligned with God’s word giving renewed hope.

To find out more about Christine, please check out her website at  Her book, Food Isn’t What It Used To Be: A Biblical Approach to Health, is available for purchase from Amazon or WestBow Press.  If you’re in Northern California and would like to stop by her office to purchase a signed copy of her book or chat with her, you can at 348 Cernon St, Suite A, Vacaville, CA.

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