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A gift from God

Years ago, when Ashley, my oldest daughter, was about 7, a friend told me not to worry about her.  She said everything would be fine because our children were stronger than we gave them credit for.

When Ashley was little, 2-5 years old, I became use to taking care of everything for her.  The Epileptic seizures she experienced and the medicine she was on, made it difficult for her to function as a typical child.  This continued throughout her Elementary School years.  I took all of her responsibilities away from her.  Whenever she did something wrong, I used her ‘disability’ as her excuse.

Toward the end of Ashley’s Elementary School years she grew out of the seizures and no longer needed to take any medication.  I, however, didn’t grow out of my over protective mom phase.  By the time Ashley was in High School, I was suffocating her.  She wanted to do things on her own, and could, but I didn’t know how to let go.  I was afraid for her to fail.  I was afraid she would be laughed at and rejected by her peers and the world.

Thankfully, I found a women’s study group, led by Martha Smalley, on the book ‘Love is a Choice’.  This study helped me realize I had to let her go and try things on her own.  If she was to fall flat on her face, then so be it.  I needed to let her make her own mistakes.  I was to be there to help her up and offer support if she needed it and asked for it.

The friend that offered me advice back when Ashley was 7 knew something I didn’t at the time.  God had Ashley in the palm of HIS hand.  God had/has plans for her and I needed to trust and have faith in it.  I didn’t have a relationship with God when I received this advice, but did when I studied the book ‘Love is a Choice’.

As parents, when our children get older, sometimes the best thing we can do is pray for them.  Let the Lord lead them.  We should be there and offer them help when they fall.  We should always encourage them to do the right thing.  Then help equip them to do the right thing when they choose it.

As a child I helped Ashley, and now, as a young adult, she is helping me.  During her High School and now College years she is studying Digital Media & Film Production.  This website design and all the graphics were done by Ashley.  I feel so honored and blessed to have an amazingly talented daughter.  Especially one who is willing to put up with all my questions and sometimes, not so polite, demands!  Click here, if you would like to check out Ashley’s YouTube Channel.  It’s pretty cool!

My prayer for us today ~ Lord I pray you guide us, so we know when to take a step back, and let You lead our children.  Lord help us to see the many ways our children are a gift from You, Amen

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