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High Maintenance

17 NailsYears ago, while on a camping trip, I was told I was high maintenance. My response was, if having my hair done and wearing makeup means I’m high maintenance, then yes I am. This was even before I started getting my nails done.


I’m thankful for those who work in salons to help make us beautiful on the outside. I’m thankful for the whining and complaining they put up with day in and day out. They always make those they’re with feel special. I’m especially thankful for the beautiful ladies, on the inside and out, who take care of me each month.

17 1Thes 5-11

I’m very blessed to have friends who take care of my beauty needs. One puts up with my indecisiveness regarding what color my hair should be each month. Dark with a touch of red, no forget the red, not to dark, but not to light. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure those annoying sparkles (grays) are covered! Another friend takes wonderful care of my nails. We chat and catch each other up on what’s been going on in our worlds. It’s like friends meeting for coffee, but not. I’m thankful for the way they make me feel, loved and beautiful on the inside.

I’m thankful for the time I have to get my hair and nails done each month. I’m thankful to have the money to spend on such a luxury. I’m thankful for the husband who’s okay with my beauty needs. I’m thankful for the familiar faces I run into while at the salon and the new friends I sometimes make.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the wonderful and unique ways we are each made. I pray we would see each other as beautiful talented gifts, with a special purpose for You, Amen.



Plugged In

chairsNot to long ago, I read a devotional that said only God can change someone or a circumstance. I think the point was for us to tell God how we wished for a person or circumstance to be different. In other words we should pray about it.

This got me thinking about the importance of prayer and how sometimes I feel like I’m hitting my head upside a rock when I pray. Sometimes I’m so upset, sad, frustrated or angry that I can’t find the words or desire to pray. Sometimes I feel like my prayers are being unheard. That’s not true, I do believe God hears my prayers, but sometimes I don’t see or hear anything happening. It could be because it’s simply not God’s will for what I’m asking at the time. As frustrating as that is, I get it. God has a much bigger and better plan.

So then what do you do when you want to hear from God but feel at a loss when praying? Get plugged in! No, I don’t mean get on your phone, computer, gaming system or television. I mean get plugged in to people.

Recently, I’ve been upset, sad, frustrated and angry regarding my husband’s health issues. I’ve been praying continually for God to be in the details and to receive His peace while waiting for things to get figured out. I then realized I had become numb to the prayers. My prayer was set on repeat, with no emotion or even expectations.

I needed help. I needed the prayers of others. I needed others to be praying for my circumstances, my husband and especially me. Along with prayers, I also needed the encouragement of others. I needed to hear that others cared for me, loved me and would pray for me. I needed to be reminded that all would be well. I needed to be reminded of the light because I felt as if the darkness were closing in.

This past week I received the help I was in need of. How? Through the groups of people I am plugged into. I reached out to the people in my small group Bible study as well as the ladies in my BSF leaders group. It’s wasn’t easy, but I knew I needed their prayers to help get my heart and mind back on God and His almighty power. Sometimes it’s hard to share your fears and/or failures with others and ask for help, but that’s what being in a group of friends is for. Sometimes you come along side someone to offer help and support and other times it’s you who will ask for help and support. It’s just as important to be the receiver as it is to be the giver.Encourage one another

If you are not in some type of small group with your church, or maybe you don’t attend church, I strongly urge you to find a way to get plugged into one. It’s a wonderful thing having others lift you up in prayer. A small group is a safe place to share the trials and triumphs of your life. It’s a place to grow with others. It’s a group of people who will have your back when you need them and who will look to you for help as well. If you need help getting plugged in in your area, please send me a message through my contact page. I would love to help you find a place to get plugged in.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the gift of receiving answered prayers from others. I pray we have the courage to ask those around us for prayers when we are feeling discouraged, sad and frustrated, Amen.

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