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A few years ago while in the midst of marital problems and my husbands health slowly deteriorating, I started feeling the need to share my story in the form of a book.  For one, I’m not a writer.  I’m a numbers kinda gal.  I like numbers because 2+2 will always be 4.  I have a hard enough time getting my thoughts out verbally. Now God wants me to write a book?!  Another thing, as I just mentioned, I was in the midst of many trials and could not see an end in sight.  I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to hear about me and all my problems.

My marriage is now going strong and Robert’s health is better than it has been in years.  All thanks to God and His perfect plan and timing.

In His Way


My book, ‘In His Way’ is now published and available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle ebook.  You can find it at

Below is a summary of the book which you will find on the back cover. Please take a peek and let me know what you think.


Throughout much of my married life, I had the illusion I had it all together. It was everyone else who needed fixing. Several years into my second marriage my husband, a Deputy Sheriff, became a workaholic and was never home. Meanwhile, I became a volunteeraholic, to busy to face the fact we had become two strangers raising three kids.

God slowly started revealing Himself to me through different women I volunteered with. As my heart was opening up to God, my marriage was crashing down around me. As I cried out to God for help, I discovered my husband’s affair. I was quickly surrounded by people who would give me strength to face the state of my marriage and the tools needed to begin fixing it.

Over the next four years, my husband’s health deteriorated and he was forced to retire. Through this God continually showed me I was In His Way and then, when He knew He had my attention, He would proceed to show me how to do things In His Way. In the end, what God told me to do, saved my husband’s life. What was broken is now fixed by the grace and love of God.

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Rebecca Duvall author of In His Way


By Hungry Monster on December 14, 2016

5-starsIn His Way took me on an emotional adventure

In His Way by Rebecca Duvall is a personal journey of her life and how she came to discover God. Duvall goes through many trials in her life. Everything that life could throw, divorce, children, financial situations, and serious illnesses, she faced. It is through this intimate journey you get to know Duvall, her family, and their troubles. You see how she evolves from struggling and thinking that she can only get through this alone and control everything to her discovery of letting go and letting in God. It was not an easy journey, but it is an honest one.

I enjoyed this book and could not put it down. In His Way took me on an emotional adventure. I felt for the author and her family because of the ups and downs they face. In the beginning, she states that she was not always positive and wrote that way. The story takes you through a raw, impassioned relatable telling. No one is perfect, and this book is a reminder of that. I love how honest she is. She held nothing back. She spoke of the resentment and hatred she harbored toward her husband. These were authentic feelings and thoughts expressed. You see how she goes from wanting to control everything to becoming understanding, appreciative, and cooperative. Duvall transforms, and it was all because she learned to talk to and accept God. My favorite part about this book is that you do not have to be religious to enjoy it. It is an uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational read.

Duvall’s narrative is strong. It was refreshing to read something where a person is faithful to the events, no matter how it paints them. There were plenty of moments where I was shocked at the mean things stated, but it was relatable. When you meet challenges in life, sometimes you are not the nicest person and make the wrong decisions or say things you do not mean. She does not hold back from that. She admits to many faults, and I admire her.

My only real complaint with the book was that there were some grammar mistakes and awkward phrasing. It also got a little slow toward the end but picked back up. Overall, I genuinely love it.

I learned a lot from reading this book. I learned that we let fears get in the way of our decisions. I also learned about communication and not bottling things up. One of the major things I took away from this is that if you are dedicated, you can get through something. I also found understanding in religion and people’s relationship with God in this. I related to Duvall so much because she went from not understanding or knowing God to praying, and I have learned more about God and understanding God in this book than going to church. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has lost their faith or anyone who have lost or looking to understand faith.


By Kindle Customer on August 29, 2016

four starsFelt very much like reading someone’s honest diary

Interesting. I’ve never read a memoir before. Felt very much like reading someone’s honest diary. I could relate. This will be a truly individual experience for everyone who reads it. The writing is good. Easy to get caught up in it. Nice job.


By Rachael Liankatawa on August 22, 2016

5 starsGreat book!

Very inspirational book. The author is very honest and open about herself and makes many great points that will cause you to examine your own thoughts about marriage.


By Rachelamb1 on May 7, 2016

5 starsA Christian memoir about the author’s life and marriage

After divorcing her first husband, Rebecca is certain that things will be different when she marries Robert. He is way more involved in her and her children’s life than her first husband and they get along great. What could possibly go wrong?

Years go by, life happens, and both Robert and Rebecca find themselves in an unhappy marriage. He buries himself in work and she buries herself in volunteering. They begin to be just two people living under the same roof, but living separate lives. After praying to receive Christ, Rebecca discovers that Robert has been having an affair. Instead of going right ahead and getting a divorce, she speaks with a Christian friend and decides to see a counselor. It is then that some positive changes are made. Things are not over though; Robert then has numerous medical issues that test Rebecca to the limits.

I am inspired by the author’s story. While I have not gone through the same situations that she has, there are still many nuggets of truth to be found in this book. As a woman, I am able to relate to her marital frustrations. I confess that I have even had similar thoughts about my marriage that she had.

This is a brutally honest book. I appreciate the fact that the author is able to talk about her past even when it does not make her look so good. I also think it is helpful that at the end of each section, she has a little snippet about what was going on inside her head at that time. It adds a little more perspective, although there are times where I feel it is repetitive.

My favorite part about the book is seeing that her life does not change overnight. The whole thing is a process spanning years. I find that aspect very encouraging. It is amazing to see how God intervened in her life just in time, and how one little phrase stuck with her and opened her eyes. It is also nice to know that she doesn’t get it right every single time. She makes mistakes, but she moves forward and that is what matters. It is incredibly realistic, which is something I think many books about marriage lack.

My rating for In His Way is 4 out of 4 stars. The book is well written and kept my interest the entire time. Not only was I eager to find out what would happen next, but I was also able to relate and see areas in my own marriage where I could improve. I think that anyone who is married, whether happily or unhappily, can find something to relate to in this book.


By Laura on February 17, 2016

5 starsA Real Story by a Real Person

This book is engaging from the very first page — I could not put it down. The author lets the reader into her personal life in an honest way that is extremely rare — you might feel like you are reading her very private journal!!

Don’t judge this book by it’s cover though, the cover may or may not draw you to this book — BUT, her story — about divorce, marriage, forgiveness, illness, faith and life — is a gift to the reader.


By Mamta Madhavan June 23, 2015

four starsUplifting book that shows the healing power of God

In His Way by Rebecca A. Duvall is an uplifting book that shows the healing power of God and the transformation in the author’s personal journey by following God and doing things His way. The author shares her personal experiences with readers and makes them understand how God loves all of us and wants to have a close relationship with everyone. The author reiterates the power of God through her personal journey and instills hope in the minds of all those readers who are facing difficult times and situations in their lives.

The book is honest and heartwarming, and motivates readers to transform their lives positively. The author overcoming her marital problems and completely placing her faith and trust in God is very inspirational. The writing style is simple and elegant, and can be comprehended by all. It conveys the author’s perspective and views on God with clarity. The author’s story is relatable and it’s a book for all those readers who have gone through broken marriages, divorces, and who have experienced loss in their lives.

It’s a well written story and the author’s honesty in showing her strengths and weaknesses through the book makes it even more appealing. Her ups and downs in life and overcoming them by completely handing herself over to God is what makes it a great, uplifting read. The story shows the good and bad that happen in the lives of many of us and how God works to get us back with Him.


By Heidi Doerfert on November 3, 2014

5 stars

In His Way is a Candid Testimony of Surrendering to God’s Will

Rebecca Duvall’s very candid account of her marriage and life as a non-believer, and then of her journey as a new Christian, reads like a personal journal. Duvall writes about her second marriage crumbling and her husband’s chronic health issues with unflinching honesty. She includes an “In My Head” section in each chapter that describes what she was thinking and feeling at the time, which really helps the reader identify and relate with her struggles. Duvall explores what many of us have felt at one time or another, the “I don’t deserve this” and “he’s the one who needs to change, not me” attitude. And, once Duvall opens her heart to the Lord, she realizes she’s still praying for God to fix others instead of asking Him to do His will in her life. In His Way is a testimony that when we get “out” of His way, and surrender to His will, our life will be transformed.


By Arlena Dean on September 16, 2014

5 stars An Excellent Read

Wow, I found this novel a great inspirational read. This was a good story of Rebecca’s being able to find herself and in doing this she was able to finds God. However, before this could happen Rebecca would have to overcome the horrible struggles and that she had to deal with within herself.

It was such a honest story that this person tells and exposes her weaknesses and strengths to the reader which really showed how she was lead to the right path leading her to God. This was a real look of a story of a Christian life which showed the whole picture of this family’s life that didn’t come out of this overnight. This is were I say you must pick up “In His Way” to see for yourself how well written this novel has been presented to the reader. It is definitely a novel you will not forget.

I found “In His Way” was one read that I couldn’t put down until the very end because each page this writer gives it all in her read of the story of her life which portrayed the good, bad and the ugly. No, it wasn’t easy way for Rebecca but with God’s help she was able to make it through her ‘trial and tribulations of her personal life and marriage.’ And I must say that was really something.

“In His Way” is definitely a novel that gives one hope and inspiration and my, my what a journey! This was one excellent read of courage and strength that I would be recommended to you.


By Chiantel Sexauer on September 15, 2014

5 stars

An eye opener and a recommended read for everyone!

This book was so real, raw, so honest and inspirational! Rebecca’s journey through finding herself in Christ and overcoming the overwhelming struggles and battles within herself, is something I definitely identified with – and I’m sure most of us would. Her fight has humbled me, and has forced me to take a good look at my own life and see where I am standing in God’s way. An eye opener and a recommended read for everyone!


four stars

This is a great story. I identified with many parts.

By Ibelloruiz on September 12, 2014

This is a great story! I identified with many parts of Ms. Duvall’s story. I applaud her for her honesty and willingness to open her life to inspection…which ultimately leads her snd the reader to God and His will and plan for our lives. After reading this true life story, I have resolved to get out of God’s way in my own life. THANK YOU, Rebecca fot this great story. I recommend this to anyone who wants to see a real inside look at a Christian life – the good, the bad and the ugly…but even more importantly the power of God when we get out of His way! Linda Bello-Ruiz, author of From Tears to Triumph.


four stars

Couldn’t put it down!

By Debbie Hunt on September 11, 2014

I could not put this book down! I so appreciated Rebecca Duvall’s courage in writing this book… The story of her life so far. I was reminded again how God never wastes the suffering we go through. Rebecca has been through a lot… Hard times before she knew God personally and the hard times continued after she began walking with the Lord. Through it all, He has never left her side. Thank you, Rebecca for writing this book and reminding us all that God is trustworthy, that He is working all things for good for those who put their trust in Him. Through her experience, God has worked miracles and even when He seems silent, she has come to trust Him – that He is in control and will never abandon her. I hope many read this book. They will be glad they did!


5 starsHonest and inspiring

By Becky Hollingsworth on September 3, 2014

Thank you Rebecca for honestly sharing your powerful story of spiritual and physical healing. Sharing what God can do when we get out of His way and step out in obedience. I couldn’t put it down.


5 starsAwesome

By Alison Fenimore on August 31, 2014

In His Way was filled with raw honesty. Thank you Rebecca Duvall and the Duvall family for your willingness to expose your strengths and weaknesses. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your journey to living your life In His Way. I pray that God will bless you and your family in the years to come!


5 starsHonest, heartwarming and amazing

By tadpolet on August 30, 2014

I just finished this book and am truly amazed at the strength, courage and honesty that exudes from Rebecca’s writings. This is a book that I didn’t want to put down because I was anxious to find out what happens next in her quest to love and trust in God. She was able to not only pull through things in her life that most of us would not be able to, but to turn much adversity into learning experiences and spiritual growth. With brutal honesty she shares her struggles and triumphs. A must read!


5 starsIf you’ve had kids, been divorced, been married, lost a parent or tried to live up to someone else’s expectations – READ THIS!

By Steph on August 30, 2014

The Title “In His Way” is a little misleading. Here I thought I was going to be reading a story about “obedience” and being in God’s will…. NOPE. That’s not what it’s about. I read this book in a day! When the author describes what was going on inside her head as opposed to what was revealed on the outside, it was honest and raw. I think this is one of those books that will speak to people differently. What I got out of it won’t be what someone else gets out of it. So I’m just gonna say “Read it and let it hit you however it hits you”.

If you’ve had kids, been divorced, been married, lost a parent, or ever tried to live up to someone else’s expectations… this book is for you!


5 starsShe shows us the truth of the healing power of God’s love through forgiveness and self sacrifice

By Gayle Belanger on August 17, 2014

Rebecca Duvall’s book is an inspiration to everyone as she gives personal evidence of God’s transforming power in her life as a non believer to overcome a marriage in crisis. She shows us the truth of the healing power of God’s love through forgiveness and self sacrifice. You will be left wanting to hear more of this woman’s journey with her Lord. I encourage all those struggling in a difficult relationship to read this book.


four starsThis is a must read

By Mack Moore on September 4, 2014

This book was given to me as a gift by the author Mrs. Duvall. I enjoyed reading this book! This is a must read! This book is about Mrs. Duvall’s trial and tribulations in her personal life and marriage. This is her journey to becoming a believer of Christ and realizing that doing things on her own isn’t the best way. Doing things “In His Way” by that she means God’s way is best and that we shouldn’t get in His way. I recommend this book to everyone because this is a powerful testimony that gives us hope and inspiration in the fact that Jesus can fix anyone and anything. There’s something we all can learn by reading this book. We can learn that God is there always for us, no matter how gloomy the situation might be! We always have hope in Jesus Christ!


  1. wegotrhythm1 says:

    Rebecca – Thank you for sharing your story. You are a very unique woman with great strengths and great faith. Having been married 28 years to a sergeant with the CHP, I too lived through the affairs…and then his diagnosis of PTSD, among a myriad of other maladies that accompanied his emotional state. Now separated since 2006, the healing for me has been a slow progression, but the healing of the marriage was not to be. God gave me other callings to serve Him which needed me to be emotionally freed up!

    I love your heartfelt writings and will continue to read your blog daily.

    God bless,

    Lisa O’Hara

  2. marsdenmom says:

    Very excited to see how God uses this! How amazing He is to bring redemption to every corner of our lives!

  3. JIll Armstrong says:

    Wow Rebecca! This is an amazing story! So exciting to see how God is working in your life and it is so encouraging to see your faith in action!!

  4. Mack Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Mrs. Duval. This is encouraging and inspiring. It also show the faith and perseverance you have in Jesus!

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