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Until becoming a Christian in 2008, I thought I had to do everything on my own and the world was expected of me at all times.  Thankfully, since putting my life in God’s hands, I have realized this isn’t the case.  God is there to equip me with all I need along with an entire community of people, the church.

Since accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, God has allowed me to serve Him in many wonderful ways.

I enjoy sharing my ‘God stories’ with others and would love to hear about yours.  Please drop me a line and tell me about yourself and how God is working in your life.

I’m available for guest posts and speaking engagements. I speak at conferences, retreats, mom’s events and bible studies. You can contact me through the contact page for my availability.

If you found this site to be encouraging, inspiring or uplifting in anyway, please, tell a friend.  If not, I am so sorry.  I hope the Lord guides you to a place where you can find those things.


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