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Friends Who Bake

15 holiday treatsA few days ago when I arrived at Bible study, I was greeted by a delicious bag of goodies. A few days later, I was tempted by a counter filled with scrumptious holiday cookies in the lobby at church (I did give in to this temptation), and moments ago, I was pleasantly surprised by one of Santa’s helpers dropping off mouth watering homemade sweet treats. (Pause as I lick my fingers and wipe crumbs from my face)

16 Heb 13-16


I’m thankful for those who have been gifted with the ability and desire to bake. I’m thankful for those who share what they bake with those not gifted with the ability or desire to bake. That would most definitely be me. (the no ability or desire!)

I’m thankful for those who spend many hours and lots of money to make delightful holidays treats to be shared with friends and family.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the many gifts and talents You have given to us. I pray we would use them for the good of others, Amen.


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