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10 torn curtainI’m thankful for the gift of prayer that was given to us when the veil, that kept us from a direct relationship with God, was torn.

At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. ~ Matthew 27:51

The more I pray, for myself and others, the calmer and more joyous I feel. You would think this would cause me to pray everyday all the time, but I have to confess, it doesn’t. I let myself get caught up in the circumstance and forget to invite God into it.

10 Colossians 4-2

I’m thankful God never leaves me, even when I forget to include Him. He’s always there waiting for me to speak, pray, to him. Because He desires me to be in constant fellowship with Him.

God doesn’t want us to pray, as if it’s just another thing to do in our day. We’re also to be watchful; be aware of how He answers our prayer, because He will. We’re to be thankful; be grateful and give God praise for the way He does answer our prayers. We are to shout to the world how awesome, holy and loving He is! How do you see God answering your prayers?

My prayer for us today ~ Lord Jesus, we thank you for tearing the veil that allowed us to be in constant fellowship with God the Father. I pray we would have the desire to be in constant communication with Him, Amen.



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