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My Husband

Hus utensilsWhen I was growing up, my mom always tried to get me in the kitchen to teach me how to cook. I had no interest in learning and didn’t believe I would need to know how. I always had the same response when my mom tried to convince me how important it was to know how to cook, which was “mom, someday I’m going to be rich and have my own chef.”

I have to say, I am blessed with some earthly riches and have heavenly riches waiting for me in heaven, but I don’t think it’s enough to be considered ‘rich’ in the eyes of the world. I can, however, say I do have a chef. His name is Robert and he’s my husband. He’s not a chef by trade. He’s a retired Law Enforcement Officer who now volunteers as a Law Enforcement Chaplain.

When it comes to food I must admit, I am as lazy as it gets. I can cook, not well, but I can. I’ll cook when needed for the kids. Things like hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, tacos or grilled cheese. I can do chicken or pork chops on the Foreman grill, but when it comes to making myself something, forget it! I’ll grab a banana or yogurt before I’ll make eggs and toast. Pathetic I know!

Don’t worry, my kids eat just fine. How is that possible you ask? Simple, my husband enjoys cooking. He says it soothes him and makes him happy to know he’s made something we enjoy eating. We have a deal at our house, he cooks it and I clean up after it. He even does most of the grocery shopping. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

husband 1Cor7-3

My husband spoils me! He’ll make anything I want to eat, almost anytime I want it. He’ll even go to the store to buy it if we don’t have it. One minute I mention ‘enchiladas sound good’, the next thing I know, that’s what’s for dinner.

I’m thankful for the husband God chose to bless me with. I never have to think about food, it simply appears. Each week, before heading to the store, my husband asks each of us what we would like for dinner. He also asks the kids what kind of snacks or lunch items they would like, so they don’t get bored eating the same thing week after week. I’m thankful for the special ways my husband cares for the kids and I. How does your spouse, or friend, perfectly care for you?

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the ways you have gifted my husband, I pray for opportunities and ways to express my appreciation to him, Amen.



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