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He Is Holy

sunrise‘Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy’ ~ Leviticus 19:2

This statement, among a few others, have been stuck in my head for several weeks now. It’s convicting. It made me realize I don’t treat God as a holy God. I always see Him as a healer, a loving God, a God of grace and mercy. I see Him as a God with the perfect plan and timing. He is a God of detail and perfection. He is almighty and powerful. I can go on and on.

It’s weird, now that I think about it, how I never really thought of Him as a holy God. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it makes Him seem unreachable. Like I could never measure up to a holy God. It’s easier to think of God as a friend, teacher or Father, than holy.

In Exodus 31:13, One of the many things God tells Moses to tell the Israelites is, ‘I am the Lord, who makes you holy.’

There is nothing I can do to make myself holy. God desires me to be holy and God alone can make me holy. How does God make me holy?

Over the past few weeks in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) I’ve been reading and learning about the many sacrifices the Israelites had to make daily and The Day of Atonement sacrifices that needed to be made yearly. I’ve also learned how they all pointed to the one sacrifice made on our behalf by God’s Son, Jesus Christ. He was the perfect lamb, sinless, who died for our sins.

So how does this help us to be holy? This made a way for us to have direct access to God. Jesus, the Son of God, interceded on our behalf. Because God is holy, we as sinners could not have direct access to God. Only the High Priest, once a year, could go before God, after several sacrifices were made. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for me and for you, for everyone!

Now that we have direct access to God we can go before him day and night. We can call upon him 24/7. As we do this, He will change our hearts. He will fill us with His desires. He will equip us to do His will. This is how He begins to make us holy. Reading his Word, the Bible, and studying His Word with others will also help us become more holy. The Bible is the living word of God. Reading and studying it will help us understand His heart and His love for us.

During the lecture last week at BSF, the teaching leader said something that completely changed the way I pray throughout the day. She said “You can’t just saunter up to God, you must do things His way.” After hearing this, I could hear God saying to me ‘because I am holy’.

Many times throughout my day, while driving, getting ready for the day or cleaning, I would start praying for people, places or circumstances. I would put thought into who or what I was praying for and try to be as detailed as possible. I figure, the more detailed I am the easier it will be to see when a prayer is or isn’t answered. I never gave any thought, really, about who God was. I simply started praying, believing prayers would be answered and He was listening. I didn’t think about what God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit did for me so that I could have the relationship with them that I had. I had completely taken it for granted.holy holy holy

I no longer wish to saunter up to God. I want to go before God clearly understanding how Holy He is. I want to go before God with a grateful heart. Grateful to be in a close relationship with Him. Grateful to have Jesus who continues to intercede on my behalf. Grateful for the Holy Spirit that lives within me and guides me throughout my days. I wish to go before God praising and thanking Him for all He has done, before bringing my requests to Him. Even if I only have a few minutes to pray, praise and thanksgiving should come first.

We will never be as holy as God, but God can begin to make us holy by us first remembering He is a Holy God and treat Him as so. This is a choice we must each make in our heart. What does your heart say?

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, you are holy. You are the maker of heaven and earth, our creator and provider. Thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus, who You sent to intercede on our behalf. I pray Lord, we remember, throughout our days, how holy you are. I pray this transforms our hearts and minds so that we may be holy, as you wish us to be, Amen.

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