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Well Dah!

Trust Gods timing clockHappy New Year everyone! It feels like I haven’t written in forever! It’s good to be back. I hope you each had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating the beginning of a new year. Even though I’m exhausted in January from a month of celebrating, I am filled with the excitement that comes with the beginning of a new year.

I’m excited as I look back at the year and think of all the amazing things that have happened. The fun, the annoying and the ooops. I’m filled with anticipation as I wonder what this year has in store for me. Many people make New Years resolutions because it’s a good time to make changes and tackle new projects or goals. I have a hard time making resolutions because I’m so overwhelmed at all the possibilities this new year could bring, I can’t figure out where to start.

Don’t make plans and then ask God to bless them. Wait for God to direct you so you know it’s already blessed by God’.

This is a continuing theme I’ve heard since the end of last year. The first few times I heard it, I thought, “well dah!” That’s probably why it became a continuing theme for me. I was hearing it, but not getting it.

I’m often so anxious to get started on new things that I don’t take time to wait and hear from God about it first. I usually lay it all out in front of God and then ask Him to bless it or make it obvious I shouldn’t be doing it. In reality, I’m expecting God to do all the work. Make it all run smoothly or take it away and give me something else to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember God already has a plan for me. He’s not sitting around waiting for me to give Him a list of my interests or opportunities so He can bless them. No, when He wants me to change direction, He will let me know.

How might God let you know when He wants you to change direction? There are many different ways. He could tell you, or show you, through people, circumstances, a book, sermon or song. He could even fill you with the desire to do something that you’ve never had before. (That’s how I came to write In His Way)

Over the summer, I found myself getting excited that my three-year term as an Elder at the church I attended was coming to an end. I was pondering all the many things I could do when my term ended. How would I choose which one to do?

As I continued to ponder the many choices I had over the next few months, I began to feel uneasy and sad about ending my term. I didn’t understand why, because I was excited to finish and move on to something else.  I was tired of using this gift and wanted to use a different gift. (I get bored easily)  Finally, I decided to pray about it. Why hadn’t I prayed about it already? To be honest, deep down I didn’t want to hear what God had to say about it. I was ready to move on and that was that.

Almost immediately after I started talking to God about what I should do when my term as Elder ended, I felt God telling me He wasn’t ready for me to move on and I was to stay. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear. My reply to God was “so what am I suppose to do, notify the church that I was staying on, even though my term was over?” How boastful would that be! I told God I couldn’t do that, it didn’t feel right. I needed Him to work it out, and then I would know for sure it was what He wanted me to do. (This is when God was saying “well dah!”) A few months later, God did work out all the details and I am continuing on as an Elder.

I was attempting to get ahead of God. I was trying to figure out, all by myself, what I was supposed to be doing. I was wasting time and energy worrying about what I was going to do, when all I needed to do was wait for God. I look back now and know He would have revealed it to me when it was time, but I get so impatient and overthink things. I need to stop trying to control and plan and know everything and TRUST God has it ALL under control.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the patience, love and grace we receive from You daily. Lord, I pray we stay focused on how we are serving You now, trusting You will direct us if, and when, we are to change direction, Amen.

proverbs 3

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