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Sunshine & Rainbows

sunshine rainbowThanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Not for the excuse to stuff yourself like a turkey with all the wonderful food you prepare for the day, but because it’s a day to look back and see all the good things in your life.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, and I don’t think you can truly give thanks without looking back and acknowledging the bad, or not so good, in your life and seeing the good surrounding it. To me, Thanksgiving is a yearly opportunity to see past our circumstances and see the ‘sunshine and rainbows’ in our life.

I love scrolling through Facebook and other social media sites this time of year, because there are regular postings about why people are thankful. You can tell when it’s from someone who has truly pondered what they have been through and see what they have received from it.

If you know me, you’ve heard me say, “I need sunshine and rainbows”. I need to see the good. Good in people, things and circumstances. It helps me take my focus on the ‘not so good’ going on in my life. It helps me keep my focus on God and how much He loves me. It helps me to see Him and His mighty out-stretched hand in my everyday life.

Some of my sunshine & rainbows……

  • How I learn from my family just as much as I teach them.
  • I always have people to pray for me, and with me, in times of need.
  • The ability God gives to create medicine to help heal.
  • The skill surgeons are given, and taught, to perform organ transplants to prolong people’s lives.
  • How God uses the trials in our lives to bring encouragement to others.
  • Technology and how it allows us to reach out to others around the world.
  • The beautiful colors that come with the cooler weather.
  • The beauty that is to come in the spring from the rain we receive throughout fall and winter.
  • The people placed in my path to be an encouragement at the perfect moment.
  • The opportunity to help others with the gifts I have been given.
  • Knowing I am never alone, because God will never leave me.
  • In my times of weakness, I can call upon the Lord who will give me strength.
  • Friends who will speak God’s truth to me, when I seem to have forgotten.Sun Rain rainbow

What sunshine do you see in your day? Where do you see the rainbow that is breaking through the darkness, or trial, you are in right now?

Seeing your sunshine and rainbow can help you through your circumstances, as well as be a powerful ripple in the lives of others when you share it. Where can you be a ripple this holiday season?

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for the sunshine and rainbows you provide to each of us in the midst of our trails. I pray we see you in them and give thanks for them daily, Amen.

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