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Child Like Love

VBS Weird AnimalsI had the pleasure of spending each morning last week with over 140 kids. It was a week filled with laughter, sharing, singing, dancing and love. Love for God. It was VBS (Vacation Bible School) week at our church.  It was an amazing site, hearing and seeing all the children singing, dancing and celebrating the love of God!

The theme this year was weird animals and the theme song was All Around the World. I think I fit in perfectly, because I consider myself to be quite weird at times. Actually, we are all a little weird at times. Right? But I think that’s a wonderful thing. It helps keep things from being boring and dull.

Weird can be such a harsh word sometimes though. Maybe a better word to use would be silly, creative, fun, spontaneous or different. I always thought that if you were weird or different you were unwanted by people. Through my childhood and most of my adulthood I thought you had to fit in with everyone else. Being different meant you weren’t included because it made others feel uncomfortable.

Each day of VBS last week the message reminded us that Jesus loves us. Jesus loves us even though we’re different, when we’re left out, when we’re afraid and even when we do something wrong. This is such a beautiful message to be teaching the kids, or anyone.

Ephesians 2:10

My favorite day of the week was Friday, because I got to hang out at the snack station, yum, where each group talked about their God sightings for the day. I was able to hear how God revealed Himself to the children. It was so encouraging to hear their child like love for God. Some saw God in the parents who were there to help or the beautiful flowers growing outside. Others witnessed God when a friend helped out another friend. One child witnessed God by hearing someone say ‘Thank you’.

As an adult, I sometimes have a difficult time seeing God in what I do, like laundry, chauffeuring my kids around, paying bills or vacuuming. I wish I had child like love for God like the children of VBS, so I can see God in everything I do. I believe God is there with me always, but sometimes I have a hard time seeing or sensing His presence. I get distracted by the chores of the day, and I forget I am exactly where God wants, doing exactly what He wishes. If by chance I have strayed from the path, and have chosen the wrong task, God still loves me, and has His hand out waiting for me to look to Him so He can guide me back to the path meant for me.

Do you feel like you’ve strayed from the path God has for you? Did you know that it’s never to late to get back to the path God has planned for you? God loves you and wants only what’s best for you. Are you feeling lost or confused about what you’re doing in your life? I know I often do. To help get me back to where I’m meant to be, I spend time alone with God. I explain to Him how I’m feeling and ask for guidance and/or reassurance. Doing this causes my eyes to open to the ‘God sightings’ around me. God is everywhere and always directing us, but we need to make sure we can see, hear and feel this guidance.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for child like love. I pray for the adults of the world to have the heart of a child, who’s loving, slow to judge and quick to forgive, Amen


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