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Digging In The Trash

organizing cubbiesThe mind is a funny thing.  Years ago I used to be able to remember EVERYTING!  That is everything I cared to remember.  I could tell you when, where and for how much I bought everything in the house.  I remembered what I had to do and when it had to be done.  If someone gave me directions, I would remember them.  If someone told me their name I would remember it.  No, wait.  That’s completely wrong.  I’ve never been good at remembering names.

Now I can’t seem to remember why I walked into the other room.  There used to be a method to my madness.  Now it’s simply madness.  Everything had its place.  Bible study items went in the top left cubby, church papers went in the top right cubby, bills by the phone and miscellaneous stuff on or near the refrigerator.

Recently I realized I used the last of a prescription and needed to call in a refill.  As I took the bottle downstairs I thought to put it near the phone so I would see it and remember to call the order in.  Later that day I took our dog, Layla, to the vet to have her shots updated.  One was her Rabies shot so I could send in her dog license renewal.  Before leaving the vet I was handed the receipt with the certificate showing Layla had her Rabies shot.Layla Yellow Lab

After dinner I noticed the bill for the dog license renewal on the fridge, and thought I should take care of it while thinking of it.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what I did with the paperwork from the vet.  I thought I put it near the phone, thinking it would be out for me to see, so I couldn’t forget about it.  I searched all of the places I would usually put something like that.  I kept coming up empty.  I even checked the car in case I left it out there.

While I was getting ready for bed I noticed a void where the prescription bottle used to be.  I went down stairs to call in the order before I forgot about it.  Unfortunately, the bottle wasn’t where I thought I left it, so I couldn’t.  Remembering I still hadn’t found Layla’s paperwork I became angry at myself.  How could I lose 2 things in one day?  The house isn’t that big and there aren’t that many places I could possibly put it.  I felt like I was losing my mind!

The past few months I’ve heard several stories about friends calling on God, through prayer, when they misplaced something.  They ask God to reveal to them where to look for the item.   So that’s what I did.  I told God what I was looking for, why I was looking for it and how frustrated I was for not being able to find it.  I then asked Him to help me remember where I placed the items so I could do what I needed with them.  Then I finished getting ready for bed and went to sleep.

Early the next morning I woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I decided to ask God, again, where the missing items were.  The garbage came to mind.  I told God there was no way I threw the items away.  These were important things; I would never throw them away.  God continued to tell me to look in the garbage.  After I was up and dressed I got an empty garbage bag and went through everything in the, almost over flowing, kitchen garbage.  I found nothing.  Annoyed and grossed out, I took the bag outside to the main garbage.  As I opened it I noticed the garbage bag on top that had been put out last.  I pulled it out and started pulling everything out of it.  Wow, we sure do create a lot of garbage!  It gets stinky and yucky awfully fast too!  About half way down I discovered the empty prescription bottle.  Determined to make it to the bottom of the bag I continued digging.  I hit the jackpot!  I found Layla’s paperwork.  I quickly dropped the garbage back into the tote, closed the lid and made my way back into the house, hoping no one saw me digging in the trash.

garbage 2Somehow my mind had decided that all important items needed to be put in the garbage.  Why?  I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to tell me I have too much going on and it’s on overload.  Maybe it’s because I really would rather not deal with taking care of all these details and I prefer to be lazy.  Maybe it’s simply a part of getting older.

I honestly do not remember putting those things in the garbage.  I don’t understand how they ended up there.  I am thankful for friends sharing with me how they have called on God in those moments so I would think to also.  I’m grateful God answered my prayer and told me where to look.  I’m thankful God loves me so much He wants to be in the details of my days.

It’s important to share how God is working in your life.  Nothing God does is unimportant.  Every detail God is involved in is extremely important.  We need to share ALL the ways God is working in our lives, big and small.  What we think is a tiny detail can be huge for someone else.  How has God worked in your life this week?

My prayer for us today ~ Lord, I thank you for being in the details of our days. Lord help us to realize the importance of seeing you in the little things and give us the courage to share it, Amen


  1. grtlyblesd says:

    My memory is going, too. The piles of clutter are safer than putting everything away and then not being able to remember where “away” is.

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