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Will You Pass?

pass or failRecently I’ve been hearing that God tests us, with a trial, to make sure we have learned the lesson He has been trying to teach us.  How we react to this trail determines if we will receive this trail again later down the road or are rewarded with something, maybe an opportunity.

Most of the medical issues my husband has been dealing with over the past 6 years are Workers Comp related.  This means that we, as well as his previous employer, have a lawyer to represent us.  It’s getting close to settling and the options presented to us are each considerably different.  Each has an element that sounds good and not so good.  The part that makes this extremely difficult is not knowing what Roberts medical needs will be in the future.  At this point we don’t even know what he’ll need next month.

When first hearing of the possible options I wanted to panic.  How are we supposed to know which one will be best for us?  What if what we Too-many-choicessettle on ends up not working out and we have nothing in 5, 10 or even 15 years?  Then what?

I kept asking myself ‘how are we supposed to know’?  Then it dawned on me.  We don’t have to know.  God already knows.  I immediately went into prayer and gave all my worries and concerns about this to Him.  I told Him this situation was to big for me.  I have no idea what our future needs will be, so I need Him to help us make the best decision for our situation.  I no longer want to worry about it, but to trust He will reveal the right choice when it is time.

Since this we have received some very good advice and information, that we didn’t previously have, that will help us with our future decision.  God has all the answers we need exactly when we need them.  We just need to look to Him for the answer or guidance when we need it. Not after we have exhausted all the things we think we can do to fix it.psalm 34 6

I think the reaction God wants from us, regardless of the circumstance or trial, is simply to look to Him first.  It sounds obvious and easy, but it’s not.  Why is that?

We find ourselves going along, everything doing well with our plans looking the way we think they should be.  Then wham!  The dog gets sick or the car needs to be fixed.  What do we do?  We immediately go into freak out worry mode.  Saying things like:

‘How will I pay for this?’

‘I can’t do this?’

‘I don’t have time to deal with this.’

‘This isn’t what I wanted’.

‘Why can’t someone else deal with this?’

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in that moment we wanted to freak out or worry, we chose to call on God?  If we said something like ‘God, guide me.’ I know my life would be much calmer and peaceful if I did that with every situation.

God wants the very best for us.  He doesn’t want us to go around worrying or freaking out.  He wishes we would look to Him so He can give us all we need.  Only God truly knows our deepest needs and desires and how to fill them.

My prayer for us today ~ Father God, thank you for being there for us to call upon at any moment.  I pray we look to you first when faced with trials in our lives trusting you will provide, Amen

NOTE: I received this daily devotional from In Touch Ministries this morning.  It says exactly what I’m trying to say, but better.  Please take a look.

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