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A Joyful Heart

joyful heartThis past week I’ve sensed the Lord and His hand in the details of my life.  I’ve felt and seen Him work in my life many times before, but this week has been different.  I’m not quite sure how to explain it.  In the midst of the unknown medical situation Robert is dealing with concerning his kidney, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.

Thursday morning was Roberts’s kidney biopsy.  Everything went amazingly well, better than in the past.  They gave him something that completely relaxed him.  He slept through most of the recovery.  Then before we knew it, it was time to take him home.  We were home much sooner than expected and happy it was behind us.  Robert slept the rest of the day and the rest of us had a quiet relaxing evening.

Friday morning Robert announced he had planned a surprise night away for us and all the details for this to happen were taken care of.  He wanted to have some alone time together before he starts the new meds and becomes sick.  I was speechless!  He had never done anything like this before.  We have had many getaways, but we always planned them together.  Our time away started with a wonderful dinner and ended the next afternoon with a late lunch and a little shopping.

On Sunday, 3/9/14, I shared my story of healing at the church we attend, Covenant Community Chruch.  It was truly an amazing experience.  To my surprise I wasn’t nervous about sharing my story.  I prayed continually throughout the week for God’s peace and trusted I would be given the words He wished for me to share.  Of course I did prepare and practice, I’m not TOTALLY crazy!  Sharing the beautiful stories God has given me fills my heart with joy.

I will declare your name to my brothers; in the congregation I will praise you. Psalm 22:22

After the service I had the privilege of praying, with others, for those who wished to be anointed with oil and prayed over for healing.  Praying for others, lifting their prayers up to God Almighty, calling upon the Holy Spirit, is incredible.  I asked God to help me remember who I prayed for so I can connect with them at a later time to see how they are doing.  I can’t wait to hear how God revealed Himself to them and answered their prayers.

O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.  Psalm 30:2

What I thought would be a long dreadful week of waiting for Robert’s test results has been a week filled with divine appointments.  Robert’s mind has been kept busy with continued Chaplain training.  He has been surrounded by other Chaplains and Pastors who have been encouraging and uplifting, right when he needs it most.  I believe this is all part of God’s perfect timing.  God is so good!

I’ve also been kept busy, but not in an overwhelming way.  I’ve had time to work on my daily bible study, edit my manuscript and enjoy my family. I even had time to enjoy lunch with a new friend.  This might sound crazy, but I’ve even enjoyed doing the little daily things like laundry and dishes.

I heard this song on the radio today while heading out to pick up the kids.  It’s a constant prayer I have.

My prayer for us today ~ Lord I pray you give us the opportunity to share with others how you are working in our lives. I pray you prepare the hearts of those who will hear our testimonies and it will point them to You, Amen

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