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snoopy thanksgivingThanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  Not because of the delicious food. Don’t get me wrong, I love the food!  It’s a day everyone gives thanks for all they have.  A day everyone looks past all the negative circumstances to see the good all around them.  It’s a day of optimism and being thankful.

Thanksgiving is also a day of traditions.  Most families do the same thing on this day each year.  Families and friends get together, a special meal is prepared and wonderful memories are made.  Sometimes, everything goes perfectly.  Others, everything that can go wrong does.

This year I’m happy to say everything went almost perfect.  My daughter, Amy, was at her dads and it can’t be perfect without her.  So it was pretty close to perfect.  The weather was beautiful.  It was a lazy morning with coffee, donuts and the Thanksgiving Day ads.  The afternoon was just as lazy with football and the preparing of the meal.  To be honest, I didn’t do any cooking or preparing.  I swoop in at the end to make the gravy and then do the clean up after the meal.give thanks

Last year we planned Thanksgiving about 2 months early.  With both Robert and I having surgery mid October, we didn’t think we would be well enough to be up cooking.  Our family enjoys a good turkey meal and prepare one 2-3 times throughout the winter.  So we decided to have our turkey dinner sooner rather than later.  This day didn’t go so well.  Keep in mind Robert was still very sick and on a lot of meds.

Robert had purchased an 18 lb turkey.  We enjoy eating turkey sandwiches for days.  Yum!  The day started to go downhill when he pulled the turkey out to baste it.  He kept saying it didn’t look right and something was wrong.  I didn’t understand how that was possible so I chose to ignore him.  The next thing I know Robert says the turkey is done and takes it out of the oven to sit before he slices it up.  Soon after, Robert starts flipping out because the turkey wasn’t done.  Either the turkey is defective or the oven is broken.  After hearing him rant for a few minutes I finally went in to assess the situation.

“Are you sure you cooked it long enough?” I asked him.  “Of course I did!” He said.  “The package says 15 minutes per pound. So I cooked it for 3 ½ hours.  I don’t understand why it’s not done.” Robert continued.  I asked to see the directions and did a quick calculation in my head.  I confirmed by checking the math on a calculator before saying anything.  I calmly explained why he needed to put the turkey back in the oven for another hour.

The turkey is finally done!  Again, Robert starts going on about having a defective turkey.  He’s going on and on about going to the store and complaining about being sold a defective turkey.  I couldn’t handle it, I had to go see what he was talking about.  I usually stay clear of the kitchen when he’s cooking.  I can’t handle the mess and start cleaning while he’s cooking and usually put things away that he’s still using.

I asked Robert why he thought the turkey was defective.  He said it didn’t have a breast.  So I decided to take a look.  Sure enough, there wasn’t a breast where it normally was.  After looking over the turkey I realized it was because the turkey had been cooked upside down.  The turkey wasn’t the best we had, but it was fine.  Robert was upset with himself for the rest of the day for making such a crazy mistake.give thanks thessalonians

At the time it was very stressful with Roberts ranting about a defective turkey.  Now we think its funny and laugh about it.  Well, at least I do.

My prayer for us today ~ Lord, thank you for family and friends. I pray we each take the time to thank them for all they do for us throughout the year, Amen

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