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Think Pink!

Avon Walk Event EveThis past weekend I was encouraged, Inspired & uplifted.  My oldest daughter and I participated as walkers in the Avon walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco, CA.  This was my 3rd time participating as a walker and my daughters 1st time.  The energy and love felt from everyone there was incredible. Meeting different people along the route and hearing how Breast Cancer had effected them was a special part of the trip. I truly wish I could have met everyone there and heard each and every one of their stories.  I recognized many people who have participated as route support every year for the past 5, or more, years.

Avon Walk SupportThis year, 2013, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer-San Francisco raised over $4.2 million. I think that is incredible! Click here to see how some of the funds were distributed. Amazing things can happen when a group of people come together with a common goal.  I’m excited for the day a cure is found for Breast Cancer that isn’t so hard on the body.  We walked in honor of my mom, Sharon Doe, who passed in 2003.  She had a short 9 month fight with Breast Cancer before it took her life at a young age of 56.

I remember my mom announcing she found a lump in her breast and was going in to see the doctor.  The doctor had a biopsy done, which came up benign. The Oncologist sent her in for a second biopsy because the tumor was pretty big.  His guess was the tumor had been there for a year or two.  The scary thing was she had regular mammograms, every 6 months, due to swelling in her lymph nodes a few years prior.  The second biopsy came back positive for cancer.  She was then sent in for several tests right away to find out if the cancer had spread.  Unfortunately, it had.  My mom had several tumors throughout her body.  Chemo and radiation were started immediately.  My mom was a strong and extremely tough woman; in fact, she’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known.  The hardest part for me, except for losing her to this awful disease, was the days she begged me not to take her to her radiation treatments because she couldn’t take it anymore.

Avon Walk Pink TentsOctober is Breast Cancer awareness month.  If you have ever been affected in any way by Breast Cancer, I challenge you to show your support.  It’s as easy as wearing pink throughout October. I think it shows those affected by Breast Cancer you care about how it’s turned their world upside down.  Did you know you can help fund a mammogram for a woman in need simply by going to Click the pink button on the top middle of the page that says ‘Click here it’s free’.    If you can, please make a donation to help in the fight against Breast Cancer.  Here are a couple organizations dedicated to finding a cure.  They are also packed with useful information about the disease.

This year the walk was hard.  Neither my daughter or I had much time to train.  I know it sounds crazy, the Avon Walk Men Tooneed to train to walk.  Or at least I thought it was crazy.  We walked 13 miles both days.  Well, we were supposed to.  The walk was planned as 26 or 13 miles the 1st day and 13 miles the 2nd day.  The 1st day route was only 24 miles, not 26, so they decided to add the additional 2 miles to the end of the 2nd day.  My daughter and I had no idea until we came to the 13th mile on the 2nd day and noticed it wasn’t the end.  Thankfully, we both made it to the end, 2 miles later.  We had blisters on our feet, achy legs and were exhausted.  I would do it over and over again, because it’s nothing compared to what those fighting Breast Cancer go through.

My prayer for us today ~ Lord, I pray you reveal to each of us how You desire us to help in the fight against diseases which are taking our family & friends, Amen

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  1. Bronwyn Lea says:

    Rebecca, I did not know you had a blog too, and I am so moved to read about your participation in this walk. This week I have been with my best friend in the Netherlands, and she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been a gut wrenching week, but God has been so good. I would love to talk more with you about this… I have so much to learn. I am processing this past week in the face of breast cancer:
    See you on Thursday!

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